Weekly Inspiration 7.19

Jeff Cowen, Nature morte 18 (2012)
(Jeff Cowen)


How to Do Great Things  |  The Fresh Exchange
One of my favorite quotes found this week. So cute and true.  

Dark brown + bangs.

Divided Cities
This is just one of those images that completely inspires me.

beautifully said

Posts That Filled My Heart This Week:
Perfectionists like myself will find this from The Daily Love especially relieving and encouraging!

A must read!! Shared this on twitter earlier in the week I loved it so much. One of the best blog-posts I've read in a long time that all girls fat, thin, or in-between should read and tuck away for future reference. 

Something to inspire, encourage, and put a smile on your face. 

Dancing With My Future Self -- A really fun exercise to try out and spur love for yourself and motivation for your dreams. 

Another must readThe ONLY Diet You Will Ever Need! 

Weekly Unwind: I don't about you, but I've been wearing as little as possible and rarely going outside. It's HOT! Because this cuts off outside adventures, I can easily feel cooped up and antsy, and yesterday was one of those days. I could feel my nerves fraying but instead of succumbing to the irritability of the heat I asked my girlfriend if she was up for an at-home spa day. The answer was easy; not many would pass up something like that, right? Let me tell you, if you're like me and rarely treat yourself (or even think to) to homemade face masks, foot soaks, and tea-bag eye masks... you're missing out. I've never cared for things like that, but it's a perfect and easy act of love for your body and soul even when you aren't doing it for those specific reasons. Your body feels the love, and your skin will feel spectacularly soft when it's over. 


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