Morning Coffee and My Realization

A few months back I went through a phase where I was determined to rid myself of caffeine and become pure -- like drinking tea and infused water pure. Why? Because somehow every blog I read was writing on how much better life is without coffee.

I kid you not, I read at least three or four pieces in a one-two day span that went over the realization that what really mattered was the walk to the coffee shop or the coffee shop atmosphere, not the coffee. This then led to making green smoothies or tea and taking them to the cherished coffee shop, saving money along the way! 

Let me clarify right away that these pieces were all fantastic (which is why I wanted to join them) and not anywhere did the author(s) ask their readers to try it themselves. Okay, actually, one piece was by a doctor, and he did encourage readers to try a coffee fast, but that's expected. 

These men and women found what worked for them, and I thought that to be the bohemian blogger that I dream(ed) to be, I must forget coffee and (since I had expertly failed my smoothie phase) become a lady of tea. 

Oh man.
Hint: it was an epic fail.  

My coffee fast, which I remember proudly alerting my girlfriend to on a car-ride home, lasted approximately four days. 

My "lady of tea" image died slowly with my first and last four painful drinks of green tea. Can I say: EUGH!? I know tea is a plant and all, but it literally tastes like dirt and leaves put into boiling water. 

That ain't something I want to douse my taste buds in. 

Enter my realization, that I am now blogging to you about: I do not drink coffee for the stroll to the local coffee shop (I rarely drink at coffee shops except Starbucks) or for the atmosphere. I just really like coffee! Also: tea is my very last drink of choice. 

Granted, I do love the moments that come with drinking coffee: sitting in bed in the early morning light across from my girlfriend, and sipping from my blue travel mug as we share happy morning chats in the car ride to work.

I like these moments more than the coffee itself, but there's something about that bitter (unless I've went a little creamer crazy) drink that adds to the mood. 

There are still weeks where I'll move away from coffee just because I can feel my body reacting negatively, but I always come back when my body says it's ready again. 

At this point, you may be like: okay, Eve, so you like coffee and hate tea, glad you took so long to make that clear... 

Yes, I did say that, and now you know more about me! But I'm also saying: what may work for a few or hundreds of people (all whom may surround you), might not work for you. And that's what's important. It may, in fact, be horrible for you! Just because someone you admire rants and raves about the benefits of green tea and consequences of coffee does not mean your body or mind will agree, and this can apply to everything. 

So, I'm going to drink my coffee and squinch my nose when my girlfriend drinks tea, but hey, if that doesn't work for you, find what does. 

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