Weekly Reads 8.3.13

Changing up my weekly inspiration to Weekly Reads where I'll share my favorite blog pieces of the week! I read some pretty great and wise women, so I encourage you to take a peek at each. 

New Shoes

For writers (especially bloggers) on body-love:
 I'm Not a Fat Enabler is perfectly sassy and spunky.


Yet again, Mara Glatzel manages to make my inner demons
 wise teachers with Jealousy is my Greatest Teacher

over at the DailyGood. Great if you need a little encouragement
 on making your dreams reality.

ever call yourself lazy here's why you should stop body love wellness

I absolutely love this one. A must read if you, like me, 
need your weekends spent in bed. 

An awesome blogger I just discovered and am obsessed with,
The Nearsighted Owl, writes on one of my favorite topics,
SHORT HAIR, knocking off another reason you should
just chop it off!! 

I also encourage you to check out her e-course and blog series
now going on. It's awesome, I love it, so click below! 


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