It's freshman weekend in my hometown, and in exactly one week Katelin and I move back into dorms and begin classes. Oh, Summer, care to explain yourself?

I love to make personal goals for new years, so I've made up a list of some for this school year below. Feel free to join me and leave some of your own in the comments! 

  • Start journaling every night (or most nights) again.
  • Make time to efficiently relax every day.
  • Read at least one book not for school each semester. 
  • Stay on the Dean's List. 
  • Be kind to yourself. Don't beat yourself up over work, homework, grades, etc. 
  • Treat your body well: maintain a weekly yoga schedule, get enough fruits and veggies every day, and get enough sleep. 
  • Treat yourself every week. 
  • Don't spend too much every month, but make sure to get Starbucks with Katelin. 
  • Clean the dorm well every two weeks. 
  • Wash the bed sheets every month. 
  • Don't bite your nails when you're nervous (but if you do, they grow back).  
  • Blog once a week. 
  • Most of all, love yourself every day.
Also, dear college freshman sitting on a bench crying today... You'll be fine, I promise. The first weekend is the worst, the first two weeks are the hardest, but you will be absolutely and totally fine. 

I promise. 


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