Review: The Body Shop Seaweed Skin Care Set

I've been using this skincare set for a little over a month now, and I am in love. Within a day of trying these products my skin was satin-smooth, + after a few days of use I saw a notable reduction in blackheads around my nostrils (where I get them worse). 

You can get each of these individual products in larger sizes at The Body Shop in stores and online, but I got a tester set since I had only sporadically used my girlfriend's face wash + was unsure of what I liked + would actually use. It cost 11 pounds (18 dollars) which I think is a great deal. 

All of the products came in the mesh packaging seen above - basically their own make-up bag! I find this handy to keep all of them together rather than spread across the bathroom counter or shuffled among my make-up in another bag. 

Ok, onto the individual reviews! 

One fault I find with The Body Shop packaging is that it really doesn't explain what a product is for + how to properly use it. And, being me, I'm too lazy to look it up.

So, never having used toner + having no real clue what it is, I just started throwing it on in the mornings before my moisturizer to freshen + wake up my skin.

Make-up remover cloths (just the cheap ones) work great to dump some toner on + pat it across my face. I tried my hands + a wash rag, but this method is the easiest without wasting product.

My skin feels so dewy + bright after I apply this toner rather than stiff + tight like it often does upon waking up or after a shower. I've gone through about half the bottle + I definitely plan on buying this in a larger size when I run out!

You can find this product here.

After the toner, I immediately apply this moisturizer. It's a very small tub, but a little goes a long way. It'll be a while until I run out of this, + I'm not angry about it.

This day cream is heavier than the night treatment (a little too heavy?), but feels so good right out of the shower + quickly helps even out my skin color.

I will say if your face is feeling oily + the toner doesn't ease that, you might want to go for a lighter moisturizer. This can make me feel a bit greasy on the days I don't shower.

This product is here.

Omg. I love, love, love this face wash.

It goes on very smooth with immediate relief as I scrub it into my face. This is great for sensitive skin like mine! It doesn't burn, pinch, or feel like anything really. A small pump on each cheek, my nose, chin, forehead, + temples, then I usually leave it on a few minutes before wiping it gently off with warm water. It's just like... ahh!

And blackheads? I was shocked at how fast they cleared up.

Get it here.

Once I've washed my face for the night, I eagerly grab this night treatment.

Washing my face usually results in drier skin, + this quickly soothes raw or irritated skin. In fact, I found the skin at the edges of my nostrils painfully raw for a bit, so each morning + night I applied this at the irritated areas. 3-5 days of applying it regularly, the skin was healed + new!

This moisturizer is very light + refreshing; I love applying it before bed!

Find this here.

I highly recommend all of these products. They have done wonders for my skin + I'm not sure I'll ever want to try another skin care product!

If you've tried these, let me know how you liked them! What skin care products are you loving or... not loving?

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