Weekly Reads 8.31.13

mara glatzel

Sign up for this "bonanza of love notes" from beautiful 
Mara Glatzel! I know I did, and the first e-mail was just 
as wonderful and uplifting as I could have hoped.

Ever-encouraging Jes wrote one of the most raw
and INSPIRING pieces I've read to date. It was beyond 

 photo _MG_9064_zps09e59178.jpg

Seriously, just read this; it will make you happy.
 Chrissy is amazing. 

Ooo, yes. This hit me a bit painfully in the gut of
realization. But sometimes learning and 
growing can pinch us in the soft spots:

What are some of the stories we tell ourselves about our bodies and which ones might we be ready to change?  I'm telling a story on the blog today about how I found my way to a one changed story about my body. #beyourownbeloved

Reflection time with Vivienne! Made me think about
the wrong stereotypes I've attributed to my body
over the years...What about you? 

Jes (if you haven't noticed, I love her) introduces
Louise Green who completely rocked my
world with this post

We are worthy of seeing ourselves with kindness. Right here, right now.  From: 10 Reasons to Begin Your Self-Portrait Journey » Be Your Own Beloved

And for the last knock-out of the week, lovely
Vivienne gives us 10 Reasons to Begin Your


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