This is My Only Job

My only job is to love myself. 
To be there in a way no one else can.
Hand over heart. 

My job is not to be there for the world.
To spray compliments and encouragements to you
without ever giving them to myself. 

My job is to shine -
My beauty. My worth. 
My excellence. My edges. 
I will not dull myself to
bring you Happiness. 

My job is to cultivate my own 
Not yours. 
I will shine. 


I will hydrate myself.
I will lay out the mat for yoga. 
I will curl up in my favorite blanket
and sweatpants and
pour the coffee. 

I will

Say Yes,

I will allow myself everything
I want. 

This is my only job. 
To say yes to myself, and
no to you,
if I must. 

I will love myself, and
let you depart,
if I must. 

Hand over heart.
This is my only job. 

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