Your Body is Saying, "Listen"

Though you may think you know what your body needs, your body knows better. 
If your body is telling you to sit down and just breathe for a second, listen to it!! 

For a girl who constantly feels the need to be getting something done or moving on to the next thing this is a very hard lesson. It's also a necessary one to follow considering I had mono only a few months ago, and relapses happen.  

This morning I woke up ready to make the day productive! Two weeks worth of laundry lay overflowing next to Geoffrey's dirty hamster cage, which sits next to the closet with a very broken dresser, and in front of that are bags of stuff brought home from the dorm that have yet to be put away. Unfortunately, my body wheezed, and yawned, and forced me to slow down and just focus on breathing. 

An early symptom of mono for me was not being able to catch my breath, like my lungs just didn't have the capacity to expand to their fullest. It reminded me of my asthmatic days, and that makes me nervous. When I have mono relapses an easy signal is the fact that I frequently lose my breath and become extremely low in energy. Maybe my mind says to get cleanin', but my body says to slow down. 

Bodies tell us a lot: what foods are good or bad, when enough is enough, when the weather isn't too pretty, when we need to shut off the computer, and when we need to take a break. This isn't even all of it. If you take a minute to listen, bodies tell us so much! 

The problem is when we forget to listen to the whispers and wait until our body has to scream (which can be very painful as I have experienced) to get our attention. 

It was so hard to listen to my body today, but I'm doing it. This weekend is dedicated to rest and studying in bed. (I'll probably squeeze in some laundry out of desperate need for clothes.) 


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