The End

The end is always the hardest.

I don’t mean this in some deeper-meaning, death way of thinking… I mean it as I’m in the last one-and-half weeks of spring semester, and finals are upon me, and I still have daily homework, and it’s beautiful out, but I’m inside with greasy hair and no deodorant on and…

Is there a store college kids can buy motivation at? Because I ran out two weeks ago. The car is out of gas only a few miles from home, so I’m walking, but I’m also dehydrated.  

Why isn’t the end the easiest part?

I should be carefree at this point, not minding the homework because there’s not much left. Instead it is painful pulling open the file of my ten-page paper, knowing I only have one page left to write. Somehow I end up bopping around on here, on Pinterest, and looking at buying The Walking Dead PC game after one sentence.

At least I can look out my windows, which are all open, and see the trees finally blossoming big green buds. I can enjoy beautiful drives to campus along the river… and I can know that next week I will finally, finally be done for a few months, and refuel.

Until then, I will squeeze out the last drops of intelligence and creativity within my brain and crawl to the finish line.

Is your week moving as slow? If it is or isn’t, I hope it’s as beautiful as mine has been! 


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