Tuesday Katelin and I checked out the local ecopark. Uh, it was not what the website made it seem. Not even a little. 

The website boasted of trails galore, a petting zoo, and tens of family activities. The reality hosted a large building with a fake hawk and one trail through a polluted marsh. 

Yes, we were disappointed, but the view was gorgeous, and the trail was home to a multitude of beautiful Wisconsin birds and allowed for a really nice walk. We even spotted a blue heron (though his sought after meal floated belly-up in the water)! 

The bluffs were amazing in the low clouds, and the trees are that wonderful vibrant green that's only around this time of year. 

My favorite was the log so many of the pictures were taken on. 

This may have been a fail in some ways, but it was also a win in others, and there are plenty more adventures on the way this summer! 

Until then, I am off to take my last final of the school year. I could not be more relieved! 


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