Living Like a Butterfly

Picture yourself only having a life of 24 hours.

How would you spend the one day that totals up your life?
Instead of counting your age by years, you count by hours, by minutes.
Maybe you don't even notice time.

How would you treat others?
How would you treat yourself?

You only have a day... 
Do you want to spend that time thinking hurtful things?
Saying hurtful things?
Being filled with negative emotions?

I wouldn't.

So, why do we spend our own short life like that?
Maybe we get 70 years, if we're lucky, but
maybe, like a butterfly, we only get the next 24 hours.

We can't know.

So, how are you going to spend it?
Surrounded by your favorite people?
In your favorite environment?
Wrapped in love for yourself and all the flaws you can't help but notice in the mirror?
Dragging yourself through the day?
Hosting a mind full of negative thoughts?
Carrying a body that is strained under negative energy?

Are you going to fly 
with beautiful wings?
Will you stay in that cocoon forever?

Imagine living like a butterfly,
treating each day like your first and last,
and see how you in turn treat yourself and
the life around you.

Butterflies actually live from a week to a month, some making it nine months! I wrote in the terms of 24 hours, because that's what someone told me when I was really little and astounded me, making me think about having a life that short... 


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