A Happy Moment

I work today which means Katelin and I have been on campus since 9am. Thankfully it's GORGEOUS out, so we weren't forced to lounge in the dorm or car but enjoyed the day outside!

I share with you my happy moment of the day: 

picture via my instagram

After lunch Katelin (pictured here in her nyan cat t-shirt) got frozen yogurt with peppermint sprinkles, and I grabbed us two fortune cookies. Fortune cookie #1 (mine) had a lovely quote, while fortune cookie #2 (Katelin's) was an advertisement to buy more fortune cookies... Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. :) 

The wind was giving us shampoo-commercial hair (I like to think anyway), and the end-of-semester faces paired with hunched over backs were replaced by wide smiles and cheerful gaits. Minnesota is relishing in this weather! 

And let's not forget it's Friday. Two brilliant days of freedom lay ahead! By freedom I mean more homework, but at least I get to sleep in. 

Counting down the days and weeks to summer, but enjoy every day and week until we're there. 

Have a weekend full of fresh air, carefree and a light heart. <3 


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