My Weekend Through Instagram

One of my favorite weekends is sliding through the finish line tonight. The weather was gorgeous, and we spent most of it outside which was WONDERFUL. I thought I would share through Instagram pictures with you.

Saturday I treated Katelin and I to a local coffeehouse for, what else, COFFEE and BROWNIES out in the sunshine. I just love places with outside seating! Unfortunately, a bee chased us away.

 The evening was spent down at the lake with a 15 minute canoe session. Katelin had never canoed! It might have been short, but we had the lake to ourselves, and it was so fun.

Sunday: Teased by the fifteen-minute session the night before we rushed back down to the lake at two and... had to wait about an hour before we got a canoe. Worth it! Not only did we canoe, but we kayaked (yes, Eve got into a kayak!!) which was even more fun. The water was freezing, but I was in a t-shirt and shorts, happy as ever! We definitely soaked up the sun and warmth since the weather predicts a week of rain and 40-degree days...

Also, my cat Saturday morning, livin it up--

Another week befalls us, and I am putting my tools to use to manage stress, because the next three weeks are serving up stress as the main dish. I am filled with thanks for the last two days, the last week, and the moments that made them up; I hope yours was just as beautiful.

Here's to a new week!


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