Free to Be Lazy

This weekend I am tired. 

I didn't expect to be this tired.

 I expected never-ending energy through next week and then maybe a little fatigue. But no, after an awesome half-day trip to Wisconsin Dells Thursday I am tired. 

Quite a few plans were in store for my four-day weekend: hanging with a good friend Friday (done), laundry and cleaning the god-awful dirty car (uh, half-done), and replanting our tomato plant that grows faster than we can water Sunday (might not get done). Unfortunately, like I said, I got tired. 

This weekend, though, I find myself easily repeating the pattern of deciding, "No feeling bad about this. No carrying guilt around about not having a totally finished to-do list. I'm staying in this bed as long as I need and listening to my tired body." What a freeing feeling. 

The old pattern was beating myself up for being lazy and falling short -- of, yet again, spending a weekend getting nothing done (even when I had done a few of my to-dos). It sucked and still sucks when I find myself in this hard-to-break mindset. 

If I let myself, I know that being tired and, yeah, LAZY, is okay, and what was there to do today will be there to do tomorrow. It's okay that, today, my body says rest.

What is your body telling you?


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