This Week

I am taking this week slow and easy. 

I am sleeping in a little bit later but still rising early enough to not feel rushed through the day. 

I move slow through the morning: from bed to couch to breakfast to bathroom to couch. 

I am eating what sounds delicious, what makes my body feel good, and treats that I crave leaving behind the guilt.

I treat myself to coffee on the car ride to work (but not enough to bring a crash halfway through the afternoon). 

I am wearing clothes that make me feel confident, and comfortable, and cool in the heat and humidity. 

I may not skip the stairs, but I don't skip the elevator either. 

I am not putting myself down for not being conventionally "productive." 

I am not getting nervous at the laundry that has been needed to be put away for the past three days.

I am not feeling guilty for not wanting to write or be creative, but I am being inspired by blogs, twitter, and pinterest. 

I am staying out of the heat.

I am taking my shoes off at work and tucking them up under me in my chair--my favorite sitting position. 

I watch TV when I get home from work... after I take my bra off and get into a large, comfy T-shirt.

I stay up a little later than usual enjoying the meanderings of the night. 

I am telling myself that it's okay to not be continuously productive. That I can still feel good about myself and fulfilled without saying, "I got a lot done today. Good for me!" 

you'll get there.


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