a new Cozy Confidence

Long time no see, friends.

It's been a while since I popped into this area, but it feels like the right time to return and work on cleaning up around here.

You'll see that I've updated the look? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Along with a fresh face and a new time in my life, I want to bring some new elements into this blog. Self-love and Body-love will continue to be a huge focus in my writing and thinking, but you'll also start seeing outfit posts. Additionally, my girlfriend and I have been in England for a month and will be here until mid-December, so I'm hoping to try out some travel posts, too!

When Cozy Confidence first started, it was an exciting endeavor, but I went into it with the sneaking hope that I'd become this blogger-extraordinaire over night. Obviously, that just doesn't happen, and it sucked out much of the fun.

This time I want these posts to be enjoyable and uplifting to create. I hope that you will find something here for you, too, otherwise I wouldn't push Publish every post, but it's no fun for anyone if I'm not enjoying the process.

Since I left, a lot has changed in my life, not just where I am, and I can't wait to bring that here. This space felt a bit stale, wouldn't you agree? I want to get more personal with you. I want you to feel like you're with a friend as you scroll through my posts. I want this space to not only make me happy and giddy, but I want it for you, too.

I hope you'll follow along!


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