Knee Highs in the Woods

The best part of living with locals for three months is visiting both the tourist must-sees + the lesser known spots.

Windsor Great Park has been one of my favorite local joints. It's a beautiful walking trail around Virginia Waters (the lake) that includes a waterfall, Roman ruins, and many hiking trails that weave off into the woods. It is absolutely gorgeous (+ massive)!

If you are a dog lover, go here. You will see almost every breed of dog on this earth at Windsor Great Park. I even saw a German Shepherd puppy + almost died of cuteness.

In case you're curious, these shoes from Primark are the best hiking shoes I've had. (Not that I do a lot of hiking...) I found this out only by accident (I thought we were going to a large garden...) + now I wear them everywhere we go even when Katelin's parents urge me to wear good walking shoes. They are honestly better than tennis shoes. Uh, unless you're running.

Outfit Details: Dress/H&M, Cardigan/New Look, Socks/Gift, Shoes/Primark, Purse/Thrifted


5 Things Making Me Feel Really Good Right Now

For a long time I lost touch with myself. 

Without even realizing it. 

It was just a few weeks ago that I recognized it. It was in the feel of my body that wasn't being fed both what I wanted + what it needed; the feel of my gut that wasn't being checked in with on decisions; + the overall feel of agitation. 

Add into the fact that I had traveled to a new country with a new (or lack of) routine + I was feeling disconnected. Extremely so. 

Then I read a post by the awesome Mara Glatzel encouraging me to sit down with this feeling of disconnect + ask myself... What is one thing I can do right now to change this? To bring myself closer to my intuition + feelings? To feel calm again? 

Here are some things that are making my feel really good right now: 


This is my number one! It fills me up + calms me when I begin to feel lost. 

Routine doesn't mean my day is planned from 8:00AM to 10:00PM but that I have security check-points to meet back with myself. Making sure I have a planned breakfast and lunch, tea + cookies, time with the entire household, + time with just Katelin and I. 

The in-betweens are up to me + how spontaneous I'm feeling (or not). And these moments feel a lot better with a routine set up around them. 

Drinking Tea

At least once a day! 2:00-3:00PM is my designated tea time during the week. I brew my favorite cup of chamomile with honey, add three tea biscuits on the side, + let the feel goodery-ness commence. 

Tea makes my body feel warm, cozy, + clean. 

If I manage to get another cup in before bed is just an added bonus. 

Doing Laundry

It smells good, adds a bit of productivity to the day, + I love looking out the back conservatory to see cloths hanging on the line. So British! 

Reading Fashion Magazines

Fashion + my name have never been two words easily put side-by-side. But lately... I've been fascinated by it! It intrigues me. I love watching make-up gurus on YouTube, + I love reading about the latest trends no matter how much I hate those oversize knits.

Looking at the street style from the various Fashion Weeks inspires how I go shopping + put outfits together in my mind tenfold. (If only I had more money for more shopping!)

Also, England has the best fashion magazines for the best prices. Just saying. 

Petting the Neighborhood Cats

No explanation needed. :) 

What about you? What are some things making you feel really good right now? 


First Day

Many, many people travel these days, but I hope everyone remembers the first time they began travelling. Their first trip. Because it's amazing, insane, unbelievable.

The months leading up to getting on the plane (you know, the one flying over the OCEAN?) I didn't know how I was going to go through with it. Thoughts of flying sent anxiety bubbling in my stomach and caused my tongue to itch.

We saved and saved, and made a pretty big mistake in acquiring our money (nothing illegal) for the tickets, and it felt like a miracle when we finally got the  e-mail with out printable plane tickets. And when I boarded the plane and flew across the Atlantic ocean? I had a blast.

8-hours to read magazines, play Farmville, and sleep was fantastic.

Landing in London, driving on the 'wrong' side of the road, going to bed in England that first night... it was surreal. My heart fluttered every time I let myself believe that I was here, that I had traveled to another country, that I had enjoyed an 8-hour plane ride.

I will hold that giddiness with me for the rest of my life; I hope everyone gets a chance to feel that wonder and excitement, and I hope everyone retains that memory.

Our first day was very simple. Katelin's step-grandparents picked us up in the morning and took us out for lunch at The Swan in Ash Vale, Surrey. Delicious.

The pub was absolutely adorable.

What I was most excited to see in England was the architecture of their towns, villages and neighborhoods, and I was not disappointed. As a Harry Potter fan now staying in a neighborhood that resembles Privet Drive, I was wide-eyed and toothy-grins!

Back at Katelin's grandparents house, I was too excited to be in England to just hang around, so we took a stroll through their (also adorable) neighborhood down to the park.

Oh, England, how you woo me.

Have you been to England? What was your favorite part?

Outfit details: Dress, H&M / Leggings, gift / Cardigan, gift / Shoes, Minnetonka Moccasins / Purse, Antique from England

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a new Cozy Confidence

Long time no see, friends.

It's been a while since I popped into this area, but it feels like the right time to return and work on cleaning up around here.

You'll see that I've updated the look? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Along with a fresh face and a new time in my life, I want to bring some new elements into this blog. Self-love and Body-love will continue to be a huge focus in my writing and thinking, but you'll also start seeing outfit posts. Additionally, my girlfriend and I have been in England for a month and will be here until mid-December, so I'm hoping to try out some travel posts, too!

When Cozy Confidence first started, it was an exciting endeavor, but I went into it with the sneaking hope that I'd become this blogger-extraordinaire over night. Obviously, that just doesn't happen, and it sucked out much of the fun.

This time I want these posts to be enjoyable and uplifting to create. I hope that you will find something here for you, too, otherwise I wouldn't push Publish every post, but it's no fun for anyone if I'm not enjoying the process.

Since I left, a lot has changed in my life, not just where I am, and I can't wait to bring that here. This space felt a bit stale, wouldn't you agree? I want to get more personal with you. I want you to feel like you're with a friend as you scroll through my posts. I want this space to not only make me happy and giddy, but I want it for you, too.

I hope you'll follow along!