Welcome to Cozy Confidence! I'm Eve.

I started building this space when I was a freshman in college out of the desire to reach others with my journey of self-love + body-love. I wanted to write and I wanted to make a difference.

Since then, Cozy Confidence has transformed into a space where I share my style and adventures alongside my thoughts and declarations of love.


Here you'll find outfit posts, reviews on products, thoughts on self-love and body love, and the occasional travel post.

 My hope is that this can be a space for you to curl up with a blanket and your favorite food or drink, and just let yourself be. Here you are accepted for who you are, good and bad, 100%. I won't judge. I want you to feel safe, understood, and inspired here.

This is a space for all bodies, all genders, all sexuality, all races - all of YOU to get cozy and feel confident in all your shine and sharp.


I'm a girl whose life goal is to be cozy.

Whether it be curled up in bed or in a cute sweater in class, everywhere I take my body revolves around what will make me the most comfortable and cozy while amplifying my confidence. I know, not an easy goal. ;)

My all-time favorite things to do are staying in a hoodie, wrapped up in my favorite quilt, reading blogs or watching Dance Moms (ugh, yes, I admitted it). Coffee and tea are optional but always welcome.

I'm obsessed with World of Warcraft. My favorite race is a Night Elf, but my main character is currently a Troll Hunter. When it's an option, I spend hours a day with this game; thankfully, my girlfriend is just as obsessed.

I'm currently a sophomore in college. I study Sociology with a focus on race, gender, and sexuality. I'm also passionate about Women's and Gender Studies and English.

In 2014, I took a semester off to spend three months in England against many professors urging me not to. Regret has never once filled my heart; only gratitude for the opportunity and amazement at the beauty I've seen. The travel bug has bit me, and I'm not even mad!

I am an out lesbian and feminist unafraid to fight racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia.

Depression and anxiety have been a clinical part of my life since I was young. Only recently have I begun seeking professional help and seeing the wonders it can do for my life.

But mostly, I'm just a girl who wants to connect with others like me and hopefully, make others a little happier and love themselves a little more.

I hope you are one that feels connected to what I have to offer and decide to stick around. But if you're not, I wish you the best on your journey.

Much love. <3