Knee Highs in the Woods

The best part of living with locals for three months is visiting both the tourist must-sees + the lesser known spots.

Windsor Great Park has been one of my favorite local joints. It's a beautiful walking trail around Virginia Waters (the lake) that includes a waterfall, Roman ruins, and many hiking trails that weave off into the woods. It is absolutely gorgeous (+ massive)!

If you are a dog lover, go here. You will see almost every breed of dog on this earth at Windsor Great Park. I even saw a German Shepherd puppy + almost died of cuteness.

In case you're curious, these shoes from Primark are the best hiking shoes I've had. (Not that I do a lot of hiking...) I found this out only by accident (I thought we were going to a large garden...) + now I wear them everywhere we go even when Katelin's parents urge me to wear good walking shoes. They are honestly better than tennis shoes. Uh, unless you're running.

Outfit Details: Dress/H&M, Cardigan/New Look, Socks/Gift, Shoes/Primark, Purse/Thrifted


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