5 Things Making Me Feel Really Good Right Now

For a long time I lost touch with myself. 

Without even realizing it. 

It was just a few weeks ago that I recognized it. It was in the feel of my body that wasn't being fed both what I wanted + what it needed; the feel of my gut that wasn't being checked in with on decisions; + the overall feel of agitation. 

Add into the fact that I had traveled to a new country with a new (or lack of) routine + I was feeling disconnected. Extremely so. 

Then I read a post by the awesome Mara Glatzel encouraging me to sit down with this feeling of disconnect + ask myself... What is one thing I can do right now to change this? To bring myself closer to my intuition + feelings? To feel calm again? 

Here are some things that are making my feel really good right now: 


This is my number one! It fills me up + calms me when I begin to feel lost. 

Routine doesn't mean my day is planned from 8:00AM to 10:00PM but that I have security check-points to meet back with myself. Making sure I have a planned breakfast and lunch, tea + cookies, time with the entire household, + time with just Katelin and I. 

The in-betweens are up to me + how spontaneous I'm feeling (or not). And these moments feel a lot better with a routine set up around them. 

Drinking Tea

At least once a day! 2:00-3:00PM is my designated tea time during the week. I brew my favorite cup of chamomile with honey, add three tea biscuits on the side, + let the feel goodery-ness commence. 

Tea makes my body feel warm, cozy, + clean. 

If I manage to get another cup in before bed is just an added bonus. 

Doing Laundry

It smells good, adds a bit of productivity to the day, + I love looking out the back conservatory to see cloths hanging on the line. So British! 

Reading Fashion Magazines

Fashion + my name have never been two words easily put side-by-side. But lately... I've been fascinated by it! It intrigues me. I love watching make-up gurus on YouTube, + I love reading about the latest trends no matter how much I hate those oversize knits.

Looking at the street style from the various Fashion Weeks inspires how I go shopping + put outfits together in my mind tenfold. (If only I had more money for more shopping!)

Also, England has the best fashion magazines for the best prices. Just saying. 

Petting the Neighborhood Cats

No explanation needed. :) 

What about you? What are some things making you feel really good right now? 


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