Weekly Reads 9.19.13

(Oh, yes. Here I am doing my weekly reads,
two weeks late and at the middle-end of a random
week. Because college has taken over me from
the inside out, and Thursday night felt like a good a night
as any to put up some fantastic reads for you. Enjoy~) 

This is a post overflowing with encouragement
 at going for your biggest goals! It's like a big 
hug and warm drink of coffee. 

A needed reminder to CELEBRATE. Even when
there's nothing to necessarily celebrate.

My Women's Diversity course is offering me the 
best readings, including this. As a white woman 
blogging most often on image this was particularly

Source: Getty Images

Mindful eating?! Yes, yes, YES. 
This post answers the question "If I stop dieting, 
will I gain weight?" Per.Fect.Ly.

Source: Getty Images

I am unabashedly obsessed with Everyday
Feminism right now. Including their 

Jen wrote on a self-reflection project she 
participated in, and I am so planning on doing
one for myself! 


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